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My name is Mireille. I'm originally from Quebec City and have been living in the Boston area for 20 years. My 5-year-old daughter attends an English-speaking school from September to June. We speak French at home but I also wanted to expose her more to the language and give her an opportunity to speak it with other kids her age - not just "mom and dad" (she's not yet at the age where she thinks we're not cool but I'm anticipating that day ;)).  


Les Petits Amis was born four summers ago to give francophone and francophile children an opportunity to meet friends and speak French during the summer.

Our program's main focus is on language because we believe this is one of the easiest and most important skills for children to practice when they are young. Having the ability to speak two or more languages is such a great asset in today's competitive world and kids pick up those skills so easily when they are young - it's the perfect time to give them this exposure!


For older children, our program also emphasizes reading and writing. These skills are the basis of so much in academic life. In school, children who have a hard time reading can easily fall behind in other subjects.

You can rest assured that behind all the free-play and the fun activities we have planned, we work hard to help prevent any type of "summer regression".


We hope your child(ren) will join us for our fun-filled summer or during our virtual and in-person sessions during the academic year 2021-2022. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Au plaisir de vous accueillir!

Mireille Boutin