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We offer a balanced schedule of fun activities designed to keep children engaged while developing life-long skills.

This year, we plan to run morning sessions only. During this time (8:45 am to 12:00 pm), we will offer structured activities to help kids develop various skills. All our activities have been redesigned to take place in a socially distant manner and take place outside.

No two days are alike at Les Petits Amis. We'll do a variety of activities and what we decide to do on any given day may depend on the interests of the children in the group.

That said, we follow this schedule in our daily planning.

Example of a typical morning

8:30-9:00: Children arrive

9:00-9:30: "Circle time" - offered virtually in case of rain or extreme weather conditions

9:30-9:55:  Sanitize hands/eat snack

9:55-10:25: Activity 1

10:25-10:30: Transition

10:30-11:00: Activity 2

11:00-11:05: Transition

11:05-11:35: Activity 3

11:35-12:00: Closing circle/parent pick up