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Themes - real world topics, adapted to kids

June 28

Arts and Beauty

July 5

Scientific Discoveries

July 12

Business and Economy

July 19


July 26

World Tour 1

August 2

World Tour 2

August 9

Animals and Nature

August 16

Movie and Literature

Kids Reading Book in Park
Language and Communication


Language and communication is the basis of our program. All our activities are designed to help children build their French vocabulary. About one third of our program includes activities that are specifically designed to build these skills e.g. story readings, individual or group discussions, and vocabulary building games.

We read multiple books daily. Books transport us to new places that we explore together. Through reading, children hear new words that will help them communicate with more clarity and with accuracy. We also hope that reading books will help plant the seed for a life-long love of learning and discovery! 

General Knowledge


Through our weekly themes, children learn about themselves and the world around them. Summer 2020 will bring us to discover many famous people and their areas of interest including Benjamin Franklin, Christopher Columbus, Graham Bell, Helen Keller, Jacques Cousteau, Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie, Martin Luther King, the Wright Brothers to name a few.

Old Globe
Smiling girls sitting at table in elemen
Varied and Fun Activities

Our mornings are busy with a lot of different artistic, physical, scientific and entrepreneurial activities and also free-play time of course! On any given day, the children are likely to do a few different "structured" activities either as part of a big group, a sub-group or individually. Examples of activities include:

  • Treasure hunt  - follow various clues to find a treasure

  • Boat race - build boats and race them to see which will go the fastest, the furthest, best weather storms

  • Strawberry jam - make strawberry jam while learning more about fruits and how they grow

  • Nature art - walk in the nature and collect a variety of items that we use to create art  

  • Lemonade stand - make lemonade, decorate a stand and go out and sell!

Every morning, we end our session with a gratefulness exercise that encourages children to think about the positive things that happened during our time together. 

The ages from 2 through 10 are a magical time for children—a period of intense development when their brains are forming critical neural pathways that will stay with them for life. At Les Petits Amis, we recognize the importance of nourishing this growth and promoting children’s natural curiosity through games, play, artwork, and music—all in French! Our full-immersion environment allows children to learn a new language, or build their existing skills, intuitively and naturally. We hope your child will join us for a fun summer or virtual session —en français!